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Happiness Collection

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With its revitalising properties our Japanese Sencha is the perfect ‘pick-me-up’; it is a great way to start the day. Crafted from teas grown in Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture, this stimulating tea is the perfect combination of natural sweetness and astringency. It is slightly citrus and full of healthy antioxidants.

This tea looks like a wide bullet of dull green tea with strands, until it unfurls in hot water, releasing a strand of jasmine flowers.

As exotic as it sounds this tea is simply beautiful and a sheer delight. Hailing from the Fujian province in China the dragon pearls are hand rolled from the youngest silver tips and buds of green tea and gently mixed with Jasmine flowers, hand-picked at dusk when their scent is most intense. One cup of this lovely tea is just never enough.

A great introduction to white teas, silver needles will be much admired for its unmatched subtlety and natural sweetness.  Possessing a light and ethereal quality, this rare white tea requires a long steep at low temperatures to bring out its complex flavours.  Green leaves and silvery white buds carefully plucked and lightly processed, brew a pristine, faintly scented tea.

Lapsang Suchong comes from the Wuyi Mountains (Wuyi Shan) in the north eastern part of Fujian Province.  This was where the black teas were first developed.  In the steeply forested mountains wood was plentiful, so it came naturally to smoke tea like bacon.  the leaves were slowly withered to create a complex tea, then the leaves were slowly dried in rooms with a smoky fire below.  An ancient and much loved tea from China, large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires.  As you might imagine, the tea develops a distinctive smoky flavour.  Give it a try when you want a change of pace.

Powerful antioxidant-rich white teas are enriched by vanilla and brightened by grapefruit bringing you a deliciously cleansing white tea.  Each refreshing brew reveals light and smooth citrus notes.  The whimsical fusion of white teas, vanilla and fresh citrus notes make for a complex yet wonderful aroma.  Refresh, rejuvenate and cleanse your body with each delicate sip.

100g of loose leaf tea packaged in a beautiful reusable canister.