Treat Yourself Tea Gift Sets (NEW)
Treat Yourself Tea Gift Sets (NEW)

Treat Yourself Tea Gift Sets (NEW)

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Indulgent, smooth and rich, in fact, utterly wicked without the calories, this tea is destined to delight everyone. The strong, bold flavours combining tea and dark chocolate are eminently exotic and supremely sophisticated; heaven in a cup. Perfect for anytime of the day when a little extravagance is in order.

We don’t like to exclude gentlemen, but our Rose Scented tea is utterly feminine and dreamily romantic. The aroma alone is heavenly and the taste is simply exquisite; delicate, floral and captivating. Crafted from a blend of large leaf China teas and scented with rose oil and tiny, pink rosebuds, it is almost too good to drink. Drift away to a dreamy reverie with a cup of our Rose Scented tea.

So toothsome, so delicious, Vanilla Comoro radiates a softly sweet aroma and has a rich malty, yet light bodied character. Vanilla notes swirl in each sip of this tasty decaffeinated black tea enhanced by creamy vanilla from the Comoros island. A calorie free sweet treat!

100g loose leaf tea each packaged in a beautiful reusable canister.