Spicy Collection Tea Gift Sets (NEW)
Spicy Collection Tea Gift Sets (NEW)

Spicy Collection Tea Gift Sets (NEW)

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The ultimate in indulgence, this tea is lusciously sweet but balanced with a robust spicy edge that makes it hard to resist. Our Hot Cinnamon is a medium bodied black tea with an artful blend of cinnamons, orange and sweet cloves. Equivalent to a great big hug in a cup this tea is delicious at any time of the day.

Reminiscent of fall in New England, our Apple Cinnamon tea is a comforting black tea blend made up of dark brown leaves from china black tea. As the name suggests, this tea has the fruity flavour of apple and just enough cinnamon to spice it up like a cup of hot cider.

We love the mixture of dark, fruity plum flavours contrasted by the spice of  cinnamon, and lack of caffeine. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

100g of loose leaf tea packaged in a beautiful reusable canister.