Detox & Reset Tea Gift Sets (NEW)
Detox & Reset Tea Gift Sets (NEW)

Detox & Reset Tea Gift Sets (NEW)

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Our stimulating and refreshing detox tea not only tastes divine, but is packed full of fantastic detoxifying properties to cleanse, revive and restore you back to brilliance.  Caffeine-free, it is a tantalising combination of sweet liquorice and spicy ginger destined to captivate your senses and revitalise your body and soul.

Straight from China, Gunpowder tea is exquisite, rejuvenating and full of beneficial antioxidants, and a must have for every discerning household.  Gunpowder's green taste and gentle fruity notes induce a feeling of well-being and contentment bringing a little happiness to each day.

Delicate, refreshing and light bodied, this is a lovely, cheeky tea from Southern India, handpicked and lovingly blended with ginkgo, lemongrass and citrus peels to give it its distinctive citrus flavour. This tea has a gorgeous citrusy aroma and earthy base notes of ginkgo; it is light but flavourful and ever-so-slightly flirty. Drink with girlfriends and a good giggle.

100g of loose leaf tea each packaged in a beautiful reusable canister.